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Benjamin Wachs: Philosopher of the Counterculture

Profile edited by Lydia Laurenson Photo courtesy of Benjamin WachsLast update: October 15, 2019 Benjamin Wachs wrote “XX” for The New Modality, and he’s also one of our Catalysts. Here’s a bit more about him. Tell us about yourself. I am often mistaken for a fictional character.  I studied in a Buddhist monastery in India, wrote about international nightlife for Playboy, …

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Alt Parenting #3: Poly Family Research with Dr. Eli Sheff

I met Dr. Elisabeth Sheff earlier this year while attending a small conference at U.C. Berkeley called “Polyamory: Resilience in Families and Empirically-Informed Clinical Practices.” Sheff has been tracking polyamorous families for decades, and has written multiple books about polyamorous families. She generously agreed to a long interview so that I could ask her literally every question I could think of.

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Years ago, I met Robert during dinner with a bunch of friends. He’s a mathematician and research scientist, and he stuck in my mind because he spoke casually about “enlightenment,” and about different schools of thought about what it is. I had never met anyone who talked about enlightenment that way — he simply enumerated the characteristics of what enlightenment …